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"I love to think of nature as a large broadcasting station, through which God speaks to us every hour, if we only will tune in."

- George Washington Carver


We are a community education and events center in Princess Anne, Maryland with a core intention of solving environmental crisis with simple lifestyle change and awareness. We are happy,  and passionate  wild edible enthusiasts and vegans with the ultimate goal of recreating a garden planet where all of Earth's inhabitants thrive.

We want to help solve problems of today by reconnecting to the wisdom of our Natural World and realize that this is more manageable if we start locally... Like our own back yards... Literally!


We hope to make many of these events free to the community and believe this is information that should be available to all!

The more people who know how to live on this planet in harmony, the stronger, healthier and happier, we and the planet will be!

We would like to make this information available to teachers and students in the community so we can create new ways of looking at our current issues and find practical solutions that work for everyone.

We will put all money donated into a fund that will be used to pay for teachers of this valuable information, to be able to come to our community, and help us learn how to create healthy environments

Get Involved

We encourage you, where ever you are, to start thinking about ways to make your community a healthier, happier, more environmentally friendly place to live.

We encourage you, like we are, to invite the community, to come together,and create "think tanks" on how to create the best world possible, locally, for all the community.

Then, we encourage you as a community to create it.

It's our world, let's thrive and make our children, grand children, and generations to come proud because it is us here and now who are turning the tide of self destruction, using our amazing gifts and talents for the greatest possible good for all!

If you like the ideas we put forth please share this with your friends and get this information to as many people as possible.

Thank you!

The leading cause of environmental destruction, is eating animals and animal products. See Cowspiracy and read Comfortably Unaware for factual information about this.

The leading cause of death in America is the consumption of animals and animal products. We recommend Eating, and Forks over Knives for viewing, Killer Fish, The China Study, Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease, Whitewash, The Meaty Truth. There is a multitude of factual information about dis-ease and our animal eating habits now going mainstream.


Wild edible plants are the most nutritious plants on the planet! 


Yard to Table Events:

Hosting wild edible and medicinal plant walks, teaching the many ways to enjoy them in a primarily raw, all vegan diet, which we believe is the healthiest most environmentally friendly way to eat, and we will teach you why.

Creating Kins Domains:

Transforming a hectare of land into a heavenly oasis, introducing people to the ideas seeded by Anastasia, in the Ringing Cedar Book Series by Vladimir Megre.

Create Edible Forest Gardens:

Learning how to create healthy edible forest gardens.

Chicken Houses to Greenhouses:

Converting old chicken houses to year 'round organic garden oases that produce high quality food for our communities.


We hope to host fundraisers for projects and people raising awareness about environmental health on the eastern shore.  For example: A farmer wants to start growing organically, but the government only subsidizes the use of chemicals... It actually costs money to be certified organic!... We would host a fundraising event, and invite the community to help fund their transition. 



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