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We invite you to take part in our upcoming

events and create some of your own!

Our goal is to get people involved by thinking,  talking , then acting, together in community.
Our birthright is a clean, healthy, thriving and happy environment! 
How do we get there from here?
Clean Air: We should not have to breathe in the fecal matter of chickens that these chicken houses produce. The public needs education about how unhealthy eating chickens and chicken products are for our health and the environment. The mainstream needs to see how converting these chicken houses to green houses would be a benefit to our personal and environmental health. In the conversion, of these buildings, and the growing and distributing of the fresh, local, organic produce would also create a new form of economic wealth. Everyone wins!
Clean water: Again, much of our water, both fresh and salt, are being destroyed by the raising of animals for consumption. Eating animals and animal products is the leading cause of environmental destruction. It is also the leading cause of death and prescription drug use in America. Prescription drugs are now being found in fish at alarming rates along with pesticides and heavy metals. Studies have proven that the cholesterol in fish is just as bad a cows, pigs and chickens in causing health problems. We need to get this information to the masses so they can make more informed decisions for themselves and their children.
Healthy Soils: Our soils are being depleted by poor farming practices that are government subsidized, and cater to the chemical and big agriculture industries. To be clear, we, the taxpaying public, pay to have toxic chemicals put on our food supply. Most of what we grow in this country goes to feeding animals for our consumption. We, in turn, develop heart disease, cancer, and all kinds of health issues which puts a heavy burden on us taxpayers to afford the skyrocketing healthcare costs. We need to get this information to the mainstream public stat!
Great Education: We currently have an Antiquated education system. This has got to change! Our education system is outdated, antiquated, and is failing our children at every level! Our children go to 12 years or more of school, and graduate without a clue as to how to live on this planet, or take care of it or themselves. We, the taxpayers foot the bill. Insane!! 
Create community: We can't stand alone in our desire to create a world worthy of us and our future generations. How do we get people together to start a dialogue, to move forward in a positive light?
The best & fastest way to make changes for a beautiful world is quite simple and something we can all get involved in now. Change your eating habits, Go Vegan!

Get Involved 

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