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Yard to Table

We take farm to table to a whole new level! 

Introductory wild edible plant walks are our specialty. We take people on a one hour plant walk and introduce them to the bounty of nature that is in our own back yards. In addition, we point out the benefits of dietary change to our personal and environmental health.  Then, share how these highly nutritious plants can be enjoyed in a variety of raw vegan dishes for a colorful, delicious and nutritious meal. 

Kins Domains

"First, choose a place you like out of all the possible favorable places on earth, a place where you would like to live, where you would want your children to live, and would be a good memory for your grandchildren. The climate in that place must be favorable to you. Take one hectare of land in that place for yourself." (from Book 4, Co-Creation, by Vladimir Megre)

These words of Anastasia's, were just a few of many inspiring ideas she sets forth in the Ringing Cedar series. When we first learned of Anastasia, her visions of a Global Garden paradise, and how to create it, we knew that her ideas would solve all of our current problems. Fortunately, we are not the only ones. The Ringing Cedar series is now in over 20 languages around the world. 

We are happy to begin the process of taking our own hectare of land and creating our own world of happiness! 

We invite you to learn more at...

Chicken Houses to Greenhouses

I was once asked when I would feel that I had accomplished my goal of creating a healthy environment for our future generations. Without thinking or hesitation I said, "When all the chicken houses turn into greenhouses on the eastern shore." Well... we're going to do that! It is still in "think tank" phase, so we welcome any ideas and visions you may have in these conversions.

Just imagine the benefits that this would have to our health and well being on a personal and environmental level. Is there an ongoing theme here? What's good for our health is good for environmental health as well?! Now we just have to help these people who are stuck in the corporate money world see that they can make money doing good things for the planet!

Activities, Projects & Events

Calendar of Events

If you have a new idea of how to make the eastern shore of Maryland a better place to live please let us know, we want to support you.
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