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Go Wild 2!

5 super foods that should be growing in your own backyard right now if you're smart enough not to spray your lawn with those toxic lawn chemicals.

Clover! Yes Clover, high in protein! Cancer preventative and antioxidant activity.

Dandelion! All parts are edible! Leaves and flowers are high in vitamin A, C and Calcium. There are anti-inflammatory compounds in the leaves and roots

Violet! 1/3 cup of leaves contains your daily requirement of vitamins A and C. 4x more vitamin A than spinach. It is a detoxifier and blood purifier, varicose vein preventative, and that's just a few of it's many healing qualities.

Plantain! Common or narrow leaf. Young leaves are known to stimulate the healing process. Great poultice for bug bites, or healing sores as a mild antibiotic and anti-inflammatory.

Dock! Curled or Yellow Dock is rich in Vitamin A and Protein. Known as a blood purifier and used to treat liver ailments.

I have just touched on a few of the many qualities of these amazing plants, and they are just a few of what is now available for consumption, right outside our door if we know what to look for. This information came from the Peterson field guides, and is just a small sample of the information available to us on the topic of edible and medicinal plants.

Prescription drug use is at an all time high. They carry dangerous side effects and are polluting our water. It is time to get this very vital information, nutritional and health benefits of these plant back into our mainstream education systems.

We need to ask... Why we are spending all this money on prescription drugs, when we have the best pharmacy in our own back yards?!

The drug and chemical industry make a lot of money from our lack of knowledge and ignorance.

I invite you to take a walk outside and reconnect to the plant world. It is waiting patiently for us to rediscover the healing it constantly provides for us.


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