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My Nature Presents:

Demon Cracy

"The slaves walked slowly, one after the other, and each bore a polished stone. Four columns of slaves, each one and a half kilometers in length, stretched from the stone polishers to the spot where the construction of the fort city had begun. Sentries guarded the columns, with one armed sentry soldier assigned to each ten slaves. At some distance from the walking slaves, on the summit of a thirteen-meter high, man-made mountain of polished stone, sat Cracy, one of the high priests; for four months now, he had been silently observing all that had transpired. No one distracted him. No one dared interrupt his reflection with so much as a glance. The slaves and the guards perceived the man-made mountain with the throne at it's summit as an integral feature of the landscape. And the person-now sitting motionless on the throne, now strolling across the open area at the summit - attracted no one's attention. Cracy had set himself a goal: he would reconstruct the government, fortify the priests' power for a millennium to come, bring all the people of the Earth under their control and turn all of them, INCLUDING THE RULERS OF THE GOVERNMENTS, INTO SLAVES of the priests....

....Cracy began his speech to those who had assembled:

"No one is to write down or pass on what you are about to hear. No walls surround us, and no one aside from you shall hear my words. I have conceived a way of turning all people living on Earth into slaves of the pharaoh. This is something that is impossible to achieve even with the help of countless troops and exhausting wars.

Look: down below us, long columns of slaves carrying one stone each. The're guarded by a multitude of soldiers. THE MORE SLAVES THERE ARE, THE BETTER IT IS FOR THE GOVERNMENT. That's the way we have always seen it. but the more Slaves there are the more we end up fearing their rebellion. We increase security. We are forced to feed our slaves well, because otherwise they'll be unable to do this hard physical labor. Even so, they are lazy and inclined to rebellion. Look how slowly they move, but the sentry had grown lazy. He's not urging them on with the cat o' nines tails, and he's not beating even the strong and healthy slaves. But soon they'll be moving much faster. They will need no guards. The sentries, too, will become slaves. Here is how to achieve this.

Today at sunset, let the heralds issue the pharaoh's decree, will declare:

"With the dawn of the new day, all slaves will be granted complete freedom. For each stone that he delivers to the city, each free man will receive one gold coin. The coins will be exchanged for food, clothing, shelter, a palace in the city, and for the city itself. From this day forward you are free men."

When the priests Grasped the full import of what Cracy had said, one of them the oldest among them uttered these words:

"You are a demon, Cracy. Your conception will enshroud a great number of the Earth's peoples in demonism."

So let it be said that I am a demon. and let it be, that in the future, People will call this conception of mine DEMOCRACY."

...The next morning the priests and the pharaoh once again ascended to the platform atop the man-made mountain. They could not have imagined the scene they now saw before them. Thousands of people, former slaves, were racing against each other to carry the very same stones as before....

....Soon they will choose bosses and judges for themselves. Fine, let them do that. After all they consider themselves free, but what's at the core of it still hasn't changed: they're still hauling stones...."

And even today these slave's descendants continue their senseless running....

(from Parables, by Vladimir Megre)

Economic growth, (in our current system) is ecologic death. We do not have to destroy the earth for the sake of the almighty dollar. I invite you to consider ways to transform our current "way of doing business" to a plan that will be applauded for generations to come.

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