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health and environmental benefits OF


The most versatile plant in the world can be used for:





Wind Power



Hemp food

Body care products

Hemp Farming

These are potential jobs, jobs and more jobs. GOOD JOBS!

Hemp is also great environmentally!! It can replenish depleted soils. It uses far less water than cotton to grow, and is a natural pest repellent, greatly reducing the need for harmful chemicals. We are currently growing GMO, mono crops sprayed with tons of toxic chemicals that are depleting and destroying our land, water and air quality. The government is subsidizing this of course!!! More ignorant behavior for the sake of the "status quo."

Hemp seed is highly nutritious!!!! It is considered a complete protein, containing all the essential amino and fatty acids your body needs!! It is packed with B vitamins and minerals, and Omega 3,6 and 9 in just the right ratio our body needs for maximum health benefit.

Our government is currently subsidizing the fishing industry, which has been over-fishing the oceans to the point of collapse and utter devastation to our oceans. Scientific studies have proven that eating fish for the Omega 3 health benefits can actually do more harm than good, as they cause the same diseases that consuming other animal products do. More ignorant subsidizing by our government to the detriment of all.

Canada is selling billions of dollars worth of hemp products each year, much of it the the US. There is a whole list of other countries that are waking up to the economic boom hemp products can create for their counties. But not America!! Again the stupidity of American policies takes precedent over common sense.

Our health, land, water and air in this once pristine country of America are at risk of collapse with the current system of DOING BUSINESS!!!

We need to totally revamp a lot of the systems we have in place to create a vibrant thriving environment again, and legalizing industrial hemp is a great first step.

It shows a high level of intelligence, awareness, forward thinking, not to mention, GREAT BUSINESS SAVVY. Everybody wins! Yes even the old established corporate institutions, as this is their opportunity to create the new model for doing business in America that has everybody winning!!

*There are a lot of books out on this subject. The ones I sourced were: Hemponomics by Scott Sondles, Hemp, What the world Needs Now, by John McCabe,and The Great Book of Hemp, by Rowan Robinson.

I wake up every day and ask that my thoughts and deeds be for the greatest good of all humanity. I love this planet I live on, and I want everyone to be happy. We deserve this, and we can achieve it.

It just takes some bold, first steps.

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