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My Nature presents:

Family Homesteads

How to make America strong

“First choose a place you like out of all the possible favorable places on the Earth, a place where you would like to live, where you would want your children to live, and you would be a good memory for your great-grandchildren. The climate in that place must be favorable for you. Take for the ages one hectare of land in that place for yourself.”

“But no one can simply take land now just because he want's to. Land is sold only where people want to sell it.

“Yes unfortunately that is how it all does happen. Our homeland is vast, but there is not even a hectare of land in it where you can create a corner of paradise for your children and descendants. Still, the time has come to begin. Of all the existing laws you can make use of the most favorable.

“I don't know all the laws, of course, but I am confident that we do not have a law allowing each person to have some quantity of land in perpetuity....”

“Oh well, to begin with we can take it for a shorter time, but you must quickly create a law so that each person has a homeland land.” (from book 4 Co-creation, by Vladimir Megre,

And so it is!

As of last summer, in the country of Russia, a law was passed based on the ideas set forth in the Ringing Cedar Book Series that gives every Russian born citizen who wants it, their own hectare (approx. 2 and a half acres) of land in perpetuity.

When the majority of people lived on farms in natural surroundings, Americans were strong and were perfectly capable of taking care of themselves and their families. They grew their own healthy food and would never think of putting harmful chemicals on their soils, or in their seeds.

Today the majority of us live in cities, and are dependent on the corporations to supply our every need. And what they are supplying is not in our best interest. Those that do farm are subsidized by the corporate controlled government to plant in ways that are harmful to our soils and our health.

By bringing the idea of the family homestead back into our thoughts, we can start imagining how we can create our own piece of paradise to serve our every need.

Why 1 hectare? Why it's the perfect size for maximum enjoyment with the least amount of struggle.

(But ask one, two, or a thousand people living on planet Earth, or a million and no one will tell you what humanity is striving toward.) (from book 7 The Energy of Life, by Vladimir Megre)

I know what I'm striving for:

Recreating Paradise right here on Planet Earth...

and I invite you to join me.

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