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American Wellness Society

Illness is a serious conversation between God and man, says Anastasia. "Through this pain, which is both yours and His at the same time, He's letting you know that you're living in some unacceptable way. Change the way you live and the pain will pass, the illness will go away."

"Vladimir, every person who falls prey to harmful habits and thought patterns, and who consumes harmful food, brings torment first and foremost to his Soul."

What importance does food have for the Soul? What, does it also consume the food a person eats?"

"The soul doesn't feed on material food, Vladimir, but it is able to see hear and actualize itself only through your body. If the body is unhealthy, if, for example, a person is drunk and his body is helpless, then the Soul, as if it were bound, has no way of manifesting and actualizing itself. It can only feel, only weep over the helpless body that has been destroyed by the harmful drink. It can only attempt to warm damaged organs of the body, and it will expend a colossal amount of energy as it does so. When the Soul's energy is exhausted, it becomes powerless and leaves the human body. The body dies."

(from Anasta, book ten, of the ringing cedar series, by Vladimir Megre

The annual American Cancer Society luncheon will attract a large crowd of well-intended people for the purposes of raising money to find a "cure" for cancer. The crazy thing is, the cure for cancer is well known, but the very words 'Cancer Society' create an image of cancer, and therefore create the environment in which to create cancer.

Lets take a look at the environment in which the American Cancer Society luncheon will take place... It will be held in an unnatural environment, where the air, lighting and electrical wiring all work against the body's natural healing process. The water will be of the poorest quality, as we have destroyed so much of our fresh water supply, and have now become used to drinking dead water from plastic bottles. Cooked animal Products will be served for consumption, even though it has been proven that EATING ANIMAL PRODUCTS CAUSES CANCER, and sugary dishes will be served, and CANCER CELLS FEED ON SUGAR.

The people will be wearing clothing made of materials that are toxic to the skin and our environment as they require a tremendous amount of toxic chemicals in the production of these garments.

Not one ounce of information on how to create a healthy cancer free environment will be shared.

Now let's shift our image to that of an American Wellness Society. The focus shifts to being well, and how to create more wellness. Let's consider what this event might look like. It will most definitely be held outdoors in a beautiful, natural garden environment. Joyous people will bring healthy vibrant produce that they grew from their own gardens, and share it, along with new exciting recipes. Information on how to create healthy soils and clean up water supplies will be readily available. There will be lots of information on wild edibles, herbal knowledge to be shared with everyone. People will come to this event to share what they have learned and learn from others, all with the same goal: To create wellness. And yes, it will be free, naturally.

This holiday season, let's start creating wellness. What does that look like, what does that feel like? I don't know of a greater gift we can give our children and grandchildren.

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